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About Dedicated Servers

   Web hosting companies use high speed computers called servers to provide email, web sites and other services.  Most of the time a web site is put on a server that is shared among other web sites.  There are times when you might want to consider getting your own dedicated server

1. Multiple web sites

   If you have a number of your own web sites or multiple web sites for a client, you might consider a dedicated server.  The general rule is 10 or more web sites, but that will vary depending on your needs.

2. 3rd party software or components

   If your web site, email or other internet needs require special software or components, they you will need a dedicated server.  We do not install 3rd party components on our shared servers due to the risk of interupting a large number of clients.

3. Game servers

   Another common use of a dedicated server is a game servers.  A game server is one that allows remote users to connect and run the same computer game at the same time.

If you would like more information on dedicated servers and your options, feel free to call and speak with a sales representative.

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