About Web Hosting

   Web Hosting is the service a company provides so that you can post information, pictures or tools on the Internet.  There are 3 steps to getting a web site up:

1. Registering a Domain Name

   To find a web site on the Internet you need to have an address, just as if you were trying to find the home of a friend in an unfamiliar city.  Domain names represent the addresses of the Internet.  As a general rule you want to find a domain name that represents what your web site is trying to accomplish.  Domain names are registered for 1 to 10 years at a time, and are essentially owned by the registrant as long as they do not let it expire.

2. Signing up for Web Hosting

   Once you find a domain name, you need find a residence for your web site.  Most people refer to web hosting as the service provided to someone that would like to put information, pictures or tools on the Internet.  Web Hosting companies put your web site on their computers so the entire world can access them.  The cost of such services will depend mostly on what features you need for your web site.

3. Creating your Web Page

   Once you have a domain name and web hosting, now you need something to put on the Internet.  Web sites are as different as the people that own them.  Before you can design your site, or have someone help you design it, you need to first decide what the web site is going to do.  Common examples of web sites include:
  • Family Web Site
  • Online Store or E-Commerce
  • Internal business site for employees
  • Hobbie web site
  • Once you have determined what your site will do, then you are ready to begin the process of creating your web site.

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